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IHD still showing ‘Waiting for current data’

Hi there,

Yesterday we had our smart meter installed for gas & electric, however more than 24 hours later it’s still saying ‘Waiting for current data’ and not giving us any readings. It’s got signal from the meter and I’ve tried connecting it to WiFi to see if that helps but still no joy.

Also turned it off and on again a couple of times.

The manufacturer (Chameleon) doesn’t seem to have anything about this issue on their website.

Any ideas?


  • Mine was the same. The gas readings eventually appeared but no electric. Bulb are working on a fix. There's another thread on this: https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/9213/ihd-only-shows-gas
  • Thanks @norman7115 - saw that thread after I posted mine last night, should have just jumped in on that one sorry!
  • Installed on Monday - still showing waiting for current data
  • Hi @BigRich
    We've got a form for you to complete to report this issues if you're still having trouble:


    The team are still working on fixing all of these issues and will update you as soon as we can get the IHD working for you.
  • Stock reply Rob,filled that form in a month ago, and what happened? Zilch, nothing,but that was to be expected!
  • Johno said:

    Stock reply Rob,filled that form in a month ago, and what happened? Zilch, nothing,but that was to be expected!

    Luckily I have opted out of having a smart meter.

    But for those who have a smart meter and having issues, Bulbs communication should be much more proactive and upfront.

    Bulb wrote this Blog https://bulb.co.uk/blog/an-update-on-our-smart-installations on 31 May. I'm surprised with all the negative comments on this forum Bulb haven't updated the Blog as to current situation. The Blog does say:

    Within two weeks, we’ll introduce a way for members to fix their IHD through their Bulb Account. We'll keep members affected by this regularly updated. the two weeks is almost up plus how often is regular updates.

    I'm a keen and regular supporter of Bulb but if were a smart meter customer who had issues as other have reported I would be concerned about their communication and apparent lack of a solution.

    I wonder what Hayden and Amit, the founders of Bulb are making of this situation?
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