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Reliability of supply

How reliable is Bulb


  • How reliable is Bulb

    In which context?
  • How reliable is Bulb

    This is a bit of an odd question. All electiricty comes from the local network operator, like Northern power, or western power distribution

    Bulb is only as reliable as the local network and you won't notice an interruption in supply apart from if you have a local power cut.

    I've never had a problem with bulb.
  • How reliable is Bulb

    If you mean how likely are you to experience power cuts, then as FromTheValleys says, that's down to your District Network Operator (DNO). They handle the logistics of getting the power from the grid to your home. Bulb handle the purchasing and bill you.
    If you mean how likely are Bulb to go under - as the eighth biggest UK supplier, with over a million customers, I'd say highly unlikely.
    Even if they did, it would not mean customers would lose supply. Ofgem would allocate you to another supplier, with whom you may stay, or choose to switch. See Ofgem safety net
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