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Anyone else had their bills 'redone' and told they're in debt??

I've been with Bulb for 3 years - no problems so far. Account is usually kept slightly in credit, but during last couple of cold months, went slightly into debit. I increased payments to cover this & was expecting to reduce them soon. I give meter readings regularly.

I'm then sent an email, saying my bills have been re-calculated over the 3 years & I owe nearly £600.
Thinking this is an error, I reply & ask for an explanation. I'm told my 'bills were redone, normally due to switched reads, opening dispute, or similar. This meant that we amount you have used was recalculated.'
This doesn't explain anything! I have no idea what it even means - as I certainly haven't disputed anything & was carefully adjusting my payments to reflect usage!
There's no explanation, I'm just told "We would ask that your Direct Debit is increased slightly to chip away at the debit, or that you make occasional top ups when you can. "

Not at all impressed! :-(


  • If you don't have copies of the old bills before the "recalculation" I'd start by asking for them so that you can compare what has changed.

    I'd also be asking for clarification as to exactly what was wrong originally, since as you say they haven't in any way given a satisfactory answer.
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    My understanding is that bills can't be backdated more than 12 month unless the customer was deliberately obstructing the supplier providing meter readings.

    When you have been getting your monthly bills from Bulb have they in the main been based on meter readings which you supplied

    Should be interesting to see what Bulb has to say here as to the situation.

  • Thanks folks! I've asked for an explanation as I was quite shocked at the 'we've done some different maths & have decided that you owe us money, so pay up' attitude.
    My bills have mostly been done on meter readings. It might get slightly out of whack & use estimates for a couple of months, but that would be all. They've included a 'page of sums' with supposed past bills & what I've paid credited against them - but I really don't think it's my responsibility to go through 3 years' worth of bills & start number-crunching to look for a shortfall in payments!

    I want to know when exactly they decided that there was a sum of money I allegedly owed them & for them to identify exactly why this happened as I've been handing over the monthly payments they requested.
    And, as I've just been tutoring my son for his upcoming maths exam, I want all detailed workings! :-)
  • I know there would be some work involved but I would start to download previous statements and check £s against kWh usage on a monthly basis. If Bulb can advise you when it started to go wrong (if at all) then that would reduce the workload.
  • I got another response from them. No explanation, just how much energy I've used in the last 3 years (?) and the information that I'm £15 in debit.
    £15, £592 - hey, what's the difference...? Which one should I pick?

    I have responded with "wtf are you playing at?' to see it that gets me anywhere!
  • Stumpycat said:

    I have responded with "wtf are you playing at?' to see it that gets me anywhere!

    I'm not sure if your quote will get the expected results.

    Bulb must and should be able to provide a breakdown of how they arrived at their three year recalculation.

    This doesn't make sense if you as you say you have been providing monthly meter reading and your bills have been based on these.

    Something not quire right here?

  • Well, I tried being polite the 1st time & got nowhere - and as you say, they need to give some explanation of how they arrived at that figure.
    One of the reasons I was impressed by Bulb was the fact you could enter readings frequently and track your bills more accurately as I've switched to companies before & just about had to force payments on them as they were using estimates which were way out.

    I'm particularly concerned that it was the response from Bulb Help which was so vague & told me I had 2 options - increase monthly payments, or pay in lump sums. No offer to check what was happening or even acknowledge it was a bit of an oddity!
  • That seemed to work! I received this response:

    "I'm very sorry about this, I can see why you would be completely confused by all of this.
    I've had a look into this for you and am really unsure why your bills were all consolidated into one, this should not have happened and it looks like it was just a mistake by the billing team."
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