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Smart tariff

I've had my smart meter installed today. Everything is working correctly.

I'm really keen to get on the smart tariff but when I fill in the form it says I don't have a smart meter yet.

Have I been too keen and applied before the system has been updated?


  • @matthew744, it sounds like it! It probably takes a little while for all of the databases to be updated following a switch.
    I'd just wait a day or two and give it another go.
  • I thought as much!

    I'm keen to get on it as it will save me money as I rarely use energy during the peak time.

    I'll try again next week.
  • If you still can't fill out the form - nudge me and I'll see what's happening!
  • Hi @Eleanor at Bulb - I think I've filled this in but I haven't heard anything. If you can check the request has gone through that would be great.
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