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Where does the referral code go?

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I just signed up to switch to bulb but it didn't ask for the referral code? It's worth £100 today so hoping there's somewhere I can enter this? The code is http://bulb.co.uk/refer/********

Many thanks!


  • From what I gather if you click on the link you have given as in your link above it takes you straight to the `sign up` page which gives you the £100
  • Heya @TeG

    How did you get on with signing up? @scudo was right in that you just need to click on the link and sign up. Simple :)

    The £100 referral reward does only last for 1 week. So hopefully you sign up in time.

    Also, just to let you know that I've edited your post. We absolutely love when people share Bulb with their family, friends and followers, and we encourage you to share your link with them. But we ask that they are not posted on Community.
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