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Smart Meter roll out

What is your scheduled roll out for Smart Meters, cheers Laurie


  • Hi @lauriearmfield, we plan to roll them out next year, we are trialling smart meters later in the year, let me know if you'd like to be considered for the trial.

  • Will smart meter cover gas and electricity?
  • If so, would be interested to participate in the trial.
  • Sounds interesting - would be happy to join the trial, please
  • Hi @lauriearmfield you get a smart meter for each of your supply points so if we supply both your electricity and gas then you will get 2! :smile: I've signed both you and @gaellewalton (not forgetting you!) up to the smart meter trial!
  • Hello - i would love to be considered for a smart meter too please!
  • @gareth1980 No problem at all :smiley: you're on the list!
  • Hi, I'd like to register interest in a smart meter too please, thanks!
  • Okey Dokey @marwit32 - you're on that list :smiley:
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    Hi @evie can I put my name on the list of people interested in these trials? I actually have a Smart Meter from EDF that was installed 2 years ago , and no-one at the time thought to mention that it was supplier-specific. It was only when I switched to the cooperative I found out it was no use in keeping them updated and in fact it was errors in their readings that are encouraging me to switch to Bulb now. It would be great to find ways to make these more useful and portable (I realise that you are not in control of that, but you might participate in relevant discussions)
  • Hey @thirstforwine (great name btw) I can easily put you on our trial list :smile:

    The reason that we are holding off till 2018 to release our smart meter is because these will be 2nd generation (SMET2) meters which won't be supplier-specific. And will have the capacity to be remotely programmed by any supplier if you decide to switch.

    We want to make sure that our members are with us because they want to be - and aren't trapped in by fixed term contracts with exit fees OR technology!
  • evie said:

    We want to make sure that our members are with us because they want to be

    can I like this comment more than once?
  • Well @thirstforwine you'd probably have to make another account :triumph: but glad that you do like it!
  • I had a smart meter installed by British Gas but after the switch to Bulb it stopped working! I'd love to get on the trial if possible!
    Many thanks
  • No problemo @gman ! :star:
  • Hi @evie can we be added to the smart meter trial too? Our meters are over 10 metres away from the house, so we'd be great one for trialling remote meters - something British Gas still haven't cracked. Need to change my profile name too.. ha ha.
  • Hey @discount of course you can! That's cool, I'll let the smart team (they are pretty smart too :wink: ) know about your remote meters but I can't say yet how much of a difference this will make, if any.

    If you would like your profile name changed, feel free to send me a private message and we can get that sorted for you!
  • I would like to be added to the smart meter trial list please :)
  • Hi - we are just switching to bulb and would like to go on the smart meter trial too please!
  • Hey @ashley18 and @isabel thanks for your comments I have added you both.
  • we want a smart meter can we sign up please ?
  • Could you please also add me? Many thanks.
  • Hi @gillgalliano and @kenna We've added you both to the trial now. Thanks!
  • Hi! Can I be added to the trial list too? :)
  • Hi @rachels42 I have added you to the list!
  • @james_d great. thanks!
  • @rachels42 on behalf of @james_d, you're welcome!
  • Hi, I've just switched (a few weeks until that's finalized), but I was hoping to be put on the list for the smart meter trial.
  • Hi @oscar7450 - you most certainly can! I have added you now :)
  • Hi @mattg, I've just moved to Bulb, with the switchover in a couple of weeks. I've already got a Smart Meter (first generation), but could you put me on the list for the Bulb rollout, please?
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