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No problem in me supplying my spreadsheet but can't find a way of doing this, any ideas?. Basically the system I used is to show the number of units and standing charge I used for the previous 12 months (split into quarters) and assumed I would use the same for the next 12 months. Each quarter as I got my bill I would then update the spreadsheet to show what I actually used and any changes in unit cost and standing charges. This would result in a new 12 month rolling period. I also include my monthly direct debits and whether I am in credit or debit. I also work out from my 12 month rolling period whether at the end of the period I will be in credit or debit and would request changes to my direct debit payments accordingly, the aim that in 12 month hence i would have a zero credit or debit.


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  • Chris3
    also another company I had an account with told me their web site was always behind, and was not updated that often. This was not bulb but again it left a feeling of talk to the people if you want to get something done....I have no problem with bulb, I am happy with them, but as with all my stuff I recheck, check out, and question and I shall keep checking all companies for quotes......sorry so long winded.
    November 9
    • Allanr
      Nice to hear from you.

      Because of my previous background as a a quality manager in a very large company I tend to look at processes and documentation perhaps in more detail than the majority of Bulb customers. Having perused the Bulb information prior to me joining and also afterwards I soon worked out the best time to send in meter readings was one or two days before the statement is prepared, doing this it means you get accurate bills.

      I also have a spreadsheet of past energy usage (in kWh) and use the last 12 months as the basis for my usage over the next 12 months. My spreadsheet is updated each month after I receive my statement, the spreadsheet is also updated to reflect any changes in the unit rate prices. This means I can estimate my costs over the next 12 months (perhaps more accurate than Bulb) and can amend my monthly direct debit accordingly so that at the end of a rolling 12 months my account will neither be in credit or debit.

      Personally I am more than happy with Bulb I have all the information I need from my account to enable me to be in full control of my DD payments.
  • Chris3
    Thought I better answer this way instead of putting on "'Why has my DD increased? ' posting under JF
    My reluctance to use all the available links on the bulb site mainly started when I did not understand completely the best times to put in my meter
    readings. I had believed that if I entered each month my readings these would be what displayed on the site and my bill and, so adjusting any estimates, but after rechecking a day or two later they had changed. After much talk with bulb, and being advised slightly different each time, dates were given me for the best posting date, these dates did not work out either. So for a good many months estimates were used until they straighten their stuff out. I hold emails now which give me dates, and now it is clear on the bills what to do but it still took about a year. This was no problem to me as the estimates were very near my submitted readings..but I now like to phone them in to be very sure........ This posting space will not let me type mo
    November 9