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  • Carlg
    Hi all,
    Just had a smart meter connected couple weeks ago.
    I'm looking at my statement and thinking I didn't record the meter reading on the last day before the smart meter was fitted. I don't know if the engineer did?
    What will happen to my next bill happy it will be right moving forward but what about the usage until on the old meter? Bulb always over estimate usage!
    May 19
  • Jax89
    Hi I am wondering if I am eligible for a refund as I am currently over £200 in credit
    May 17
  • Tina215
    Topped up both my cards at lunch time at the post office. Got both receipts. Both state that the top ups were successful. Came home, electricity on. Gas meter says there is no credit on gas card? Where do I stand here as I can’t afford to lose that money?
    May 8
  • note
    SMART meters a not smart they pry into your home...Generate EMF that harm your health. SO DON't get Be warned...have read private paper on research on this....WIFI is deadly to mammals/living things. And we are all paying for these meters on on bills.
    May 3
  • Sukima
    I do not have an account with any energy supplier (I am a lodger) - can I take part in referral scheme?

    Best regards,
    April 18
  • SharonBell98
    Hello, we had a smart meter fitted at the beginning of the month and it’s still not really working. It’s connected to the internet and looks like it is receiving a signal from the electricity and gas (I think) but the displayed usage and monetary value hasn’t changed, and even the time is incorrect. There isn’t a reset button so have tried turning on and off again but makes no difference.
    Please can you help?
    Thank you very much
    Sharon Bell
    April 17
  • IanBen
    I am a recently referred customer (2 months). At the time there was a £100 credit offer, how do I claim this credit it does not appear in my account.
    April 9
  • Prestonpete
    I had smart meters installed by my previous energy supplier which are not compatible with Bulb system. I was told this at the time but was informed that this should be solved by the end of 2018 early 2019. Can you please tell me when Bulb will be able to read my smart meters. Regards.
    April 5
  • AAnan
    How do I end the contract? I dont see any option in my accounts.
    March 30
  • I am holiday between 1st-5th of April. You can @william at Bulb for anything urgent!
    March 29
  • paynecs
    Hi Eleanor, I've just joined Bulb as a customer, and I'd like to go straight on the waiting list for a smart meter installation; how do I go about doing that, please?
    Many thanks,
    March 28
  • Denden
    Smart meters fitted on 19th but only gas data showing on monitor. Please advise
    March 22
  • duncan_1
    Not much point in rolling them out if they dont work had mine installed yesterday worked for 3 hours now sitting waiting for data - hopeless.
    March 21