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  • John_2025
    My usage monitor only shows gas usage and I cannot get it to show electric usage nor the combined gas and electric usage. What can be done to sort this problem as it is pointless having a monitor if it dose not work properly.
    July 19
  • Okanooba
    Hi All

    I am struggling to get my electric readings as I have economy 7 (well my account states I have) I moved over from OVO.

    I have smart meter and I can only ever get the night reading. Last month I took photos on my phone and sent then to Bulb but nothing back.

    Where do I go from here.

    July 12
  • Johno
    Just to let you know, it was your not so smart team who asked permission to allow daily reads saying it would kick start my non working IHD!
    Would you like to see the email???
    July 8
  • ACM
    My account is showing I am in £700 worth of credit how do I get it refunded
    July 4
  • alexapope13
    You do not respond to my e.mails it would seem you need more staff,,,,, hell what a horrible service.
    July 2
  • alexapope13
    How can I delete the £50.00 I inadvertently paid a few minutes ago ?
    July 2
  • Jenks
    When does Bulb correct the estimated reading to show an accurate account? I do submit regular readings (economy 7 electric only), and still my reading is well below the first estimated figure.
    June 20
    • Jo_Dxxxxxxxxxxx1
      I have this issue too. I have e mailed bulb 3 times to ask, but have had no response
  • Jo_Dxxxxxxxxxxx1
    My account isn't showing a statement update. I am submitting readings. I have now e mailed bulb 3 times about this - including one time to the complaints address but still haven't had a response
    July 1
  • ian_wood50
    Hi, my in-house display has frozen and stopped displaying any energy usage. I have tried turning it off and on again by pressing the flat, round button on the back as indicated in the forum discussions. It won't turn off. No it is completely frozen - even the time is frozen. I have tried unplugging it but still to no avail. Any ideas?
    June 27
    • ian_wood50
      Hi again, I've managed to reset the IHD by unplugging it completely from the electricity supply and letting the battery run down overnight. I have plugged it in again this morning and it has reset itself. It's now showing the display as normal. Many thanks, Ian
  • Mrsidders
    I had my smart meters fitted on 12th June and I'm still to get a reading of what I'm using for my electric.
    The gas reading on my hid display is fine, anyone else having this problem ?
    June 19
    • Ethan
      My smart meter has not worked for the 7 days I have mailed Bulb 5 times but they have not returned my mails I do not know how much power I am using worst thing I did having a Smart smart meter installed Donny J
  • Tony_B1
    How do I get smart metres from a previous supplier changed to Bulb?
    June 11
    • VDubsTDi
      I need to know this. I’m stuck with an extra energy one :(
  • I'm going to be away from Saturday 1st - Sunday 16th of June and I won't be able to respond to Community posts. Please do get in contact with other team Bulb members though.@Bill at Bulb, @Will at Bulb, @William at Bulb or @Pollyanna at Bulb will be on hand if you tag them in a post!

    If you need to get through Bulb about your account, please drop us an email to help@bulb.co.uk or give us a call on 0300 30 30 365.

    May 30
  • ginimav
    hi Eleanor,
    I have a bill to pay for 18Monarch way for consumption since 31st March 19. Can I have your bank details to pay. I am the landlord of this property and is empty since above date.
    Thank you
    May 28
  • Johno
    Smart meters fitted, IHD not working, meters not sending readings. On the waiting list for fix, what’s the timescale? Weeks.months, never? Why are Bulb installing meters that they know don’t work?
    May 24
  • Gvalda1808
    Hi I am thinking of changing supplier and you seem to have good rates,I have solar panels and want to know if you take FIT readings from these and also how does it work with payments?
    May 23