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  • Tim_D
    Can someone please reply to my emails. I'm getting nothing back from you guys.
    September 2
  • Andy_H_1969
    Can you tell me your fustomer care is so poor ? For 2 maybe 3 months I’ve complained my smart meter display has stopped working ! Eventually I was told a new his was coming the beginning of August and I would be contacted !
    Never heard a thing and today I’ve had an estimated bill ?
    Correct me if I’m wrong but what do smart meters do ?
    At this rat you won’t have any customers left !
    August 12
  • Shakey
    I had smart meter fitted on 23rd July, it’s never worked and still doesn’t despite sending an on line form and calling Bulb. I do wonder of the benefits to the customer of this as it seems all that was wanted was the remote meter reading facility for suppliers to save money against meter readers. My opinion of Bulb has really lowered by this. I lost a days work to have a useless meter fitted. Well useless for me as a customer anyway!! Sort it out Bulb or at least be honest with us!!
    August 1
  • Lanark66
    Had my smart meter installed on Tues.In house display worked initially for a few hours that night.Wed there was only one bar of signal-electricity data unavailable” I phoned 25thJuly ,girl said she would reset it,give it 48 hrs.Again worked Fri a for an hour 4 bars signal then went down to one bar and “electricity data unavailable” came up again.
    I have moved the display to 6 ft of electricity meter,switched it off and on.Again got 4 bars signal and reading for about 20 mins then signal down to one bar and data unavailable.
    This is frustrating.Something at fault.
    Thank you for your help. Janice
    July 27
  • funmi
    please I would like to omit my direct debit for this month because I have a lot of bills to pay. Can I cancel it because is due tomorrow
    July 25
  • John_2025
    My usage monitor only shows gas usage and I cannot get it to show electric usage nor the combined gas and electric usage. What can be done to sort this problem as it is pointless having a monitor if it dose not work properly.
    July 19