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  • Denden
    Smart meters fitted on 19th but only gas data showing on monitor. Please advise
    March 22
  • duncan_1
    Not much point in rolling them out if they dont work had mine installed yesterday worked for 3 hours now sitting waiting for data - hopeless.
    March 21
  • PaigeJasmin17
    Please advise as to why you have not used my meter reading for my bill I sent a reading to you on the 19th,March but you have estimated it.
    March 20
  • Loula
    I keep trying to read our smart meters but unsure of which buttons to press as figures showing don’t seem right?!! Thanks
    March 18
  • Pie
    Not received account update emails this month and also not able to see monthly statement as just brings up a blank page !!
    March 14
  • Kisskiss1994
    Hi i joined u and and the date for chnage compelete is today but about a week ago i spoke to someone about applying for the 140 discount thing and rhwy sqid that once ive completely switched over i can apply just tryed to and its saying there closed now so ive missed out with u or any other supplyer and now its made me very annoyed and im thinking now are u the best to be with or not as one of ur empoyees has said thia to me that i can apply knowing that there was probs a date that it closed so he knew !!
    March 6
  • Dave_2075
    What is the status of installing the smart meters
    March 1
  • RIT1973

    I am trying to up load my British GAS BILLS TO RECLAIM THE EXIT FEE onto my Bulb account but where the form asks who was your previous supplier the drop down box isn't working and just shows the word "select". i can upload my old bills showing the exit fee but it won't let me click confirm as the supplier box isn't working. Please help. thanks.
    March 1
  • wilf
    It appears that you say that have not received my meter readings. However, you have my smart meter readings listed on my account.
    Do I need to send you meter readings.
    February 28
  • Aldo1969
    How do I go about getting a smart meter fitted?
    February 26
  • Ria186
    Hi Eleanor I’m in credit by a lot so how do I get a refund please
    February 23
  • Rannee_1
    I am in receipt of the WHD but have not heard anything back.
    It's this time of the year it is important. So my question is WHY is this not forthcoming?
    February 17
  • Allanr
    Hi Eleanor

    Just to mention in your recent post "There is a Seimans engineer available in your area" , I know you meant to type Siemens?

    Allan Raymond
    February 12
    • Eleanor at Bulb
      Eleanor at Bulb
      oh no! Autocorrect is not my friend. Thanks for pointing it out.
  • jiri
    I switched to Bulb recently – on 17th January actually. Was sent a referral link on 18th January and then again a couple of days later, which I then sent to a couple of friends. So far two friends switched to Bulb, definitely from my referral link as they emailed me back. No confirmation of this either way, neither me or them got ay email about this. And my account shows that I made 0 referrals. How long does it take to show up after they used the referral to switch?
    January 29
    • Eleanor at Bulb
      Eleanor at Bulb
      Hi Jiri,

      Referral credit is added to both your accounts on the day that you switch to Bulb. This is 21 days after you have signed up online.

      I can see in your account that your friend is 'currently switching'. Could you send me a private message with the email address or postcode and name of your friends so I can take a look into this?

  • Ronaldinho
    Hi there, my question is pretty similar to other Bulb customers in relation to credit showing on website for referrals. I have two people I know of who have def switched but nothing showing at all on my account. Ronnie
    January 29
    • Eleanor at Bulb
      Eleanor at Bulb

      Could you send me a private message with the email address or postcode and name of your friends and I'll take a look.