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No problem in me supplying my spreadsheet but can't find a way of doing this, any ideas?. Basically the system I used is to show the number of units and standing charge I used for the previous 12 months (split into quarters) and assumed I would use the same for the next 12 months. Each quarter as I got my bill I would then update the spreadsheet to show what I actually used and any changes in unit cost and standing charges. This would result in a new 12 month rolling period. I also include my monthly direct debits and whether I am in credit or debit. I also work out from my 12 month rolling period whether at the end of the period I will be in credit or debit and would request changes to my direct debit payments accordingly, the aim that in 12 month hence i would have a zero credit or debit.


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  • MercedesA160
    I need to submit a meter reading for my mother Helen Hayes at SP1 2SQ who has just joined but I only have my personal email address and of course it takes me into my own a/c ,please help
    August 6
    • Allanr
      Hi. I'm just a fellow customer so can't really help with your query. The only suggestion I can think of is to send your mothers meter reading by email (and explaining the email situation) or you can telephone or online chat and submit your mothers readings by one of these methods.