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  • Red flashing lights mean that there is an electrical current running through the meter. Perfectly normal. Be concerned if it stops.
  • I was waiting for you to reply @Hooloovoo , I know technically im providing the correct reading, But atm Bulb cant input that figure, so If I left the auto readings wouldnt work. As @phproxy said, you give opening readings to the new supplier, who…
  • You could always sign her up for a smart meter, which will do it for you!
  • I don’t work for bulb, but I work for a different supplier. Send them photos of your meter, if you didn’t, my company would have to send someone out to confirm what’s going on and that’s just unnecessary faff. It sounds like the D86 (opening read) h…
  • my smart meter not working either just showing gas no colours on bottom row of meter That’s not your meter, that’s your in home display.
  • I've just sent in my readings so I'm hoping they'll adjust it. I need to disect my bill and see what's the issue. Shame they don't fit smart meters so you can see what's causing any huge usage Hey, hope you don’t mind me jumping in, I work for a d…
  • I shall try this. However what gaurantee do I get that I will be contacted by your team about this old meter?@Q2_K80 If your meter is old then we would be able to change this for free, to check this would you be able to send a photo of the meter t…