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  • It might be worth emailing/calling them too just in case it gets missed..? Email us Call us on 0300 30 30 635
  • Typically - I've forgotten my phone at home today (grrr ! ) I'm on a works computer but don't have access to personal emails, so can't login to my account... not that I need to, but if I did.....
  • If you're going to use Password authentication, then strong passwords should be used, along with Lockouts (3 attempts, and your account is locked until the password is reset). 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) can also be used, but needs to be against …
  • I usually take a photo on to take meter readings. Saves me being a contortionist in my meter cupboard. The flash acts as a torch. The British Gas app also features App submission and a torch, but I'll be gone in a week !
  • Probably not a good idea to put so much detail on here.... just her username should do.
  • Add in a leading 0. ? I.e. 1234 = 01234
  • Add in a leading 0. ?
  • 0300 30 30 635 seems to be the best number... let me know how you get on, as I might need to do the same
  • Hi Tina, I've been having a bit of a mooch around today, and found this: Can I change my monthly payment date? After you’ve made your first payment, you can choose the day of the month that we take p…