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  • Yes @mowcius, I agree with you on this. The UK Natural Gas Futures price has reduced by over 50% since October 2018 (from over 60 pence/ therm to less than 30 pence / therm currently). Bulb’s reduction in prices nowhere near reflects this. Aren’t …
  • I agree...... The rationale for the change to 30 days notice makes absolute sense.
  • You have listed the incorrect phone number in your initial post. The correct number is 0300 30 30 635.
  • Yes...... Ditto to the comments above. It is so frustrating that you can’t check the accuracy of your bills simply because Bulb don’t tell you the exact rates that they use in their calculations. Come on Bulb, please sort this out as a matter of urg…
  • Hi @PaulMC12345, thanks very much for the information. Yes, the figures you provide do seem to account very accurately for the recent increases in price which Bulb has had to introduce. In view of the fact that Bulb like to give comprehensive inf…
  • I think @NeilA poses a very interesting question above, and I see that no one from Bulb has yet responded. I too would appreciate any input as to the make up of your unit gas total costs (i.e how much comprises the wholesale cost of gas and how muc…
  • Hi @raymond4871 . Also, in the "Account and tariff info" section of your account you can find the ‘Assumed Annual Consumption’ for both gas and electricity (in kWh’s), though I don’t know how these figures are specifically arrived at.
  • It’s fine to keep things simple, but it’s more important that the numbers on the bill should add up! Please do ensure that the rates are shown to the full 4 decimal places.
  • @Bill at Bulb, thanks very much for all the information you’ve provided in response to my question. It all makes complete sense to me! It’s such a refreshing change to find an energy company that not only runs its business in an ethical and princip…
  • Hi @Bill at Bulb, I’ve been reading many of your replies concerning the price increase throughout the day, and you’ve done a great job in responding to peoples’ queries. However, you still don’t seem to have addressed my initial query regarding th…
  • Hi @TraceW. Do you and your dad live in different areas? There are quite large regional variations in the price increases, and this could explain the difference between you and your dad’s price rises.
  • I definitely agree with @Will_Guillaume on this one. I think it’s much quicker and more convenient to log in using a traditional email address and password. I’m not saying that the passwordless option should not be alternative (for those who can’t r…
  • Totally agree with you @Sam3000. The facility to top up accounts should be made available to all customers at all times. There are no end of reasons why customers may wish to add some more funds to their account at short notice, regardless of the…
  • @RonB Yes, the smart meters will measure both electricity and gas.
  • I can’t log in either........... However, I get the message "We’ll be back soon. We’re upgrading the site right now, so check back later."
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  • Thanks @volvo and @mowcius for your differing thoughts. Any chance of a response from a Bulb employee? After all, it only seems fair that any prospective new customers should be made fully aware of Bulb’s official position on this one. I’m sure it …
  • Hi, please can you also add my name to the Smart Meter List? Thanks.