£10 compensation from Transferwise

Hi, just wanted to check if this is legitimate. I had an email from Bulb stating I was getting £10 compensation due to a customer service issue. Then received a follow up email from TransferWise confirming the same but asking me to input bank details? Seems a bit strange and not sure why Bulb can’t just credit my account and why the need to involve TransferWise. Has anybody else had anything similar? Thanks

I have had same email and have been a bit weary of clicking on the link as I’m not sure if it is legitimate or not. I was thinking of contacting bulb to ask.

I use Transferwise to make payments abroad - a great, quick and cheap service.
But why would Bulb use them? Presumably they already have your bank details? And surely they’d just credit your account as they did with me recently as compensation for delayed phone call answering problems - a nice surprise. Check your account balance.

Otherwise it does sound like a scam - can you check the full header information of the email messages and confirm they did indeed come from bulb? Appears like a phishing scheme to get your bank details, and you should report it to them, and your ISP.

Thanks Clipper, that was my hunch. I’ll contact Bulb direct

How do they know you are a bulb customer though? A phishing situation would more than likely focus on the big 6.