10 ways to self serve in your Bulb account

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to self serve in your Bulb account. You may already know most of them, know none at all, or it could be more of a refresher, but hopefully you’ll pick up some handy tips! :spiral_notepad:

  1. Submit your monthly meter readings a day before your statement is generated, so you’ll be billed for your exact usage - you’ll receive a reminder in your monthly payment reminder email also.

  2. Want to book a smart meter install? If you’re eligible, just answer these questions and see when the next availability is in your area.

  3. Instead of scrolling through your emails to find your statements, you can access them instantly in the Payments and Statements section of your Bulb account. (If you’d like your statements via post then let us know).

  4. Need to add someone else to your account as a secondary contact? You can do that in your account details.

  5. You may need to increase or decrease your payments depending on your energy consumption and account balance. You can see what we think you should be paying in your recommended monthly payment amount.

  6. Instead of getting in contact with us to make a one off payment, you can do that by topping up in your Bulb account (note that this feature isn’t available on the app yet).

  7. Want to track your usage? In the Energy Usage section you can see it clearly, split between gas and electricity.

  8. Update how often your smart meter sends through readings - we recommend every half an hour as the more regular, the easier it’ll be able to manage your usage.

  9. Sign up for extra support services through the Priority Services Register. This can help with meter readings, sending statements in different formats, and support during emergencies and power cuts.

  10. Moving out? Let us know on the day by clicking on the green lorry in the top right hand corner, along with your final meter readings. It’s always a good idea to take a photograph of your readings as back up.

Do you have any tips to share? :hugs:

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