£100 Credit?


Although my £100.00 credit from transferring over to Bulb through a friend’s recommendation has been logged on my Bulb account, I was still charged £46.03 by Direct Debit this month, which was my first bill with Bulb. Shouldn’t my £100.00 credit cover my bills both this month and next, with a few £s’s worth of credit left?



Hey Norton,

Bulb don’t actually work that way unfortunately, I thought that when I first joined! Despite having credit, you’ll still pay your monthly amount. You can however, call Bulb and request to withdraw some of that credit. Just give them a call and let them know your bank details.

Hope that helps!

Hi @norton listen to your man @willjcroberts - he’s nailed it!

Drop us a line or email us if you’d like a credit refund.