£100 switch - credit to my account

I currently have three £100 switches initiated by friends. You say that I will receive 3 x £100 as credits to my account. Thanks for that ! My question is ‘will my monthly direct debit therefore need to be adjusted downwards’ ?

@Reg, good work!

After the switches complete, £100 will indeed be credited to your account for each of them. You will then be able to make the decision whether to leave the credit in there as a buffer, reduce your direct debit payments, or have the extra credit transferred into your bank account.

To avoid complexity, I’d recommend either leaving the credit in your account, or having some transferred to your bank account. With the winter months you may want to leave a little in just in case you have the heating on more than estimated.

If you change your direct debit payments downwards and you’re a less prolific referrer in the future then you may find your account going into negative numbers pretty quickly if you forget to change the direct debit back.
I suspect Bulb would endeavour to let you know but there’s no guarantee how quick they’d notice that it may be a problem for you.

@Reg what he said B) thank you @mowcius