£1079 a month on just electric!?

I moved to bulb around 6 months ago and everything has been fine, I’m on DD for £98 a month gas and electric and have always been in credit with bulb anyway, but this month my September bill came through, it is now stating that for just that month I have over £1000 of electric and have suggested I change my DD to £350 a month!? But let me tell you a little something, my house is being completely renovated due to previous tenants trashing the place, I use little electric due to there being no appliances bar a fridge and freezer (no washing machine tumble dryer etc) I have 2 t.vs I only turn on in the night when work around the house has been done, and literally that is it, plus I have no boiler to use gas or no running water at the moment due to renovations (I live a few doors down from my mum so do all my cooking and cleaning there if your wondering) I am at a loss as to why bulb have issued me such an extortionately high price, please someone help me out here this makes no sense!? P.s sorry for the long paragraph just wanted to give some insight into this

Hi @Sophie92xx sorry to hear your previous tenant trashed your place. Just so people can start giving some advice, can i ask a few things, are you on a smart meter with Bulb? If so, my guess is you are just another statistic of someone’s smart meter not working properly. If you aren’t on a smart meter, can i ask if you submit monthly readings when you receive the email reminder? If not, you are being charged estimates and these estimates i believe are based on historic usage and i am wondering how much energy your tenant was using, as they may be going off his history

If you log onto Bulb’s website you should be able to see a history of meter readings. Check these against the meter and correct if one was an error.

Hi Darryl I’m so sorry I’ve just seen this message!! There was a smart meter already in the house from the previous tenants but when changed to bulb they just did a smart switch from there end, so I wouldn’t know if it is still classed as being a smart meter still, I do however pay monthly dd and give meter readings every three months, although now I wish I had not of give them at all to be frank!! Like I said the first few months with bulb have been fine! I’ve always been under due to not a lot of electricity being used in the house, I have no appliances bar a fridge and freezer and two t.vs rarely on, led energy saving lights in my kitchen as kitchen is nearly decorated that is literally it I don’t even have a bath and toilet the house is a empty shell! I am seriously at the end of my tether here I just do not understand why my bill is this high!!

I have a seen these and checked If I had maybe made a mistake but no my meter readings I have been writing in are right! I have double checked it all, I have always been 250 give a little take a little in credit with bulb usually using £70 a month electricity, so why such the high spike all of a sudden

Hi Sophie so sorry to hear that you are in this situation; you must be very worried. Clearly £1000 is a crazy amount for a month’s electricity when your normal spend is £70. Just a thought - you mention renovations, did you have builders in the property in September using drills, sanders and other power tools? You say that you have checked the meter readings and they are all correct. You need to work out where all this electricity is going. It’s vital that you take a reading at the end of this month and send it in, and in fact if it were me I would be taking DAILY readings (same time every day) to work out my daily usage. I would also go round the house switching everything off and checking that consumption goes down to zero. Good luck with this.

Hi thanks for your comment back! All tools that were used were all battery powered Makita tools so no actual tools were plugged in, I spoke to bulb who explained to me I needed to take a picture in the morning of my meter reading, turn all electric said off via the mains, I did this Andy came home later on in the evening to turn it on and took another photo of my meter readings once it was on, still no change, I’ve turned everything off and back on and it is just not making sense, my lights on my meter are flashing like crazy though and I have no idea why, all over the place!?

Next step is to turn off all circuits in your consumer unit, and then turn each one back on in turn until your meter lights start going crazy again. That’ll narrow down the faulty appliance to one circuit.

Don’t confuse the blinking lights on the communications hub (which will flash more or less at random) to the one that actually indicates power usage (which will flash faster as more power is used). Do you have a working IHD on your smart meter that you can use to look at usage in Watts?