£115 in credit....bills going up?

I made a post before but got no answers, can somebody at bulb get in touch…

You are wanting to increase my monthly payments to 380 a month…for a 1 bedroom house, my rent is 450 a month, that is insane.

Safe to say that is not happening, my energy circumstances have changed recently so your predictions/estimates/number-plucked-out-of-the-sky is way off.

My account needs reviewing as we now have a central heating system and will not be relying on electric heaters to keep warm.

Hi @mat.dinsley :wave:

From your meter readings and billing your usage is quite high and that is why your recommended payment amount has also increased. If you are not happy with this amount we can change you on to a variable direct debit which means you would only pay for you use every month. We would firstly run down the credit in your account first before taking any further direct debits.

As you have stated you have got a new central heating system so once we see that reflected in your usage we can look to further reduce your direct debit. To make sure we are only billing you for what you actually use we would recommend you submit your meter readings monthly 1-3 days before you bill is due to be produced.

Jenny :star:

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Hey jenny,

That sounds good to me, obviously i dont wish to be paying based on my previous super high electric usage, is there no way to reset my projected usage as though i was a new customer??

I did a previous quote as a new customer and the payments were estimated at around 160 a month!

Thanks for getting back to me also

Hi Matt,

I can request to have your Estimated Annual Consumption reviewed but with the previous usage it is most likely that as your consumption reduces your EACs will also do so.

To confirm you would like me to switch you over to a variable direct debit?


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Yes if you could that would be fab! Even if its just a temporary thing to save some pennies until my usage changes show up on the system,

Thanks again for the help jenny!

Hi Mat :wave:

That has been updated for you.

Have a great day :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Jenny :star: