12 direct debits on my account!!!

Hi I’ve just open’d up a account with bulb who is due to take out 84 quid out of my account! After looking at my direct debits on my online banking I’ve noticed 12 direct debits under bulb on my account! Is this something to worry about? Thanks

Similar problem here. I’m in the process of switching from another supplier, and Bulb are due to take over later this month. On checking my direct debits online I discovered 3 payable to Bulb - considering that I switched to save money, this is a bit much! I’ve emailed Bulb tonight to query it and am awaiting their reply. If it is not satisfactory the switch is cancelled - will let you know how I get on.

@Rickylee83 @Janiceiu60 This is an issue with a few accounts at the moment.

There are multiple Direct Debits open but only 1 of them will have an open payment schedule so only one payment will be taken. This is something we are looking into and hopefully you should see the additional ones disappear soon.

Thanks to Dan and to Zeena who replied to my email - very speedy responses. I’ll keep an eye on my bank account.