£140 in connection with citizens advice and bulb

Hey there,

You sent me an email about obtaining £140 via yourselfs and citizens advice.

Inhave sat through 2 phonecalls with them and there was nothing done about this despite me telling them about this.

Im not happy and i think your lying to customers .

Sort this out please or im leaving and sending a complaint to the ombudsman and regulators and leaving bulb.


Why would Bulb advise you about obtaining £140?

How how about you try reading and maybe you will have your answer. My post was for bulb staff Are you still a bulb customer didnt you say you had left bulb. So why are you on Here replying to other peoples posts that have no relevance to to you ?? I wont be replying to you again. Have a good day

Lets see if I can work this out?

£140 has a common denominator WHD.

Citizens Advice helps individuals with their entitlements.

But I can’t work out why Bulb is suspected of lying.

No need to answer.

This is a public forum open to all, not just bulb staff.
Allanr was tring to be helpfull, no need too kick him in the teeth.
as for the WHD payment you have to apply through the proper channels and wait for the DWP to say yay or nay(them that pays its no advantge to bulb to lie as its not coming out their pocket

Like i have already said before , its nothing to do with whd, in a vinerbake person with helsth issues.

They emailed me claiming i could get a grant which is nothing to do with the whd scheme its in partnership with citezens advice team at bulb. They even called me bit agian nothing about the grant and just wasted my time and two phone calls asking about all my bills etc and then never got back to me.

Agian allan im not going to waste my time, some people think they know more than others and het offended when they are wrong.

So unless i was speaking to you on the phone and you sent me the email i do no see the point in
rants as you put it.

I do know my own affairs sorry your offended by me replys but like i said its not the whd and going by bulbs response they seem to be avoiding the fact they sent me to this service via the email they sent me several days ago.

So looks like i will be moving afterall. incase you need to know the reason why i didn’t move i have been struggling with mentall illnes and keeping myself from ending up in hospital has been more off a priority than switching energy supplier.

If they are going to mess people around and give out false information i will be moving

Alan you seem to be avoiding my question did you leave bulb or did you stay afterall and who do you recommend.

Whos ranting ? The post was obviously for bulb staff who do answer people on here.

do you know which email im talking about did you receive it ? did you hear the calls i had with citzens advice who called me from the bulb team?

I appreciate your responding to me but its not in relation to the whd that the dwp deals with ive said that several times.

I wont be responding my health is more important than getting into a debate with the people who have no idea of the situation im facing .

Maybe in the future thing about other people before the you make a scene and how it may affect them.

Before i go from tjlhe email they sent me ob the 10th december

We’re partnering with Citizens Advice Plymouth, an organisation that specialises in supporting people who may be facing financial hardship. And we’re offering eligible members a grant of £140 towards their energy.

But yes ill have a miserable Christmas as you put it same to you.

Yes I have left Bulb as I have mentioned a number of times on this Forum, due to finding a cheaper supplier rather than any service issues.

It isn’t for me to suggest a supplier especially on a Forum for another supplier, somewhat unethetical. I can however say that my current supplier is available 24/7 on chat and I can vouch for this from the number of chats I have had with them even very late in the night.

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Ihave been online and found the grant you were alluding to.
Hope you get it

It is hidden somewhat in Bulb’s Help Pages.

Well i won’t be getting the grant the citezens advice advisor closed my case and say it will be kept on file for 6 years and they will follow up in 6 months.

They didn’t discuss the grant with me despite asking me what i expected out of the call. All they did was an income and expenditure didn’t take in to account my actual situation and didn’t reply to any messages i left for them as i missed a phone call.

They sent an email to me their soloution is to cut back on my energy. Which i cant anymore than i am , Get a job and apply for pip easier said than done when your dealing with mental health and feeling suicidal with no support.

This was a total waste of time and why bulb are sending customers to this service is beyond me.

regardless i’ve sent a complaint email but don’t expect anything to be sorted.

This jist seems like an excuse forbthis branch of citezens advice to get infronation on people and nothing to do with what they stated.

Im done time to move on from bulb very poor all round service from them.

Update cant even send them a complaint as the email the provided just bounces it back

Good luck if anyone gets this help

Was it complaints@bulb.co.uk where you sent your complaint? I while ago there was a comment in one of the threads that an incorrect email address was quoted for complaints.

Apparently i have to send it to adviceservicesmanager@plymouthcab.org.uk

I tried twice i just bounces back and apparently there is also a criteria for this grant also that was mentioned no where.

I get the feeling this was all a pointless excerise to gather customer information why they pass you to citezens advice and dont deal with themselfs is beyond me and they didnt even discuss the grant with me let alone a criteria. I have never found citezens advice any help before and not seems it doesnt matter what branch it is they seems to be all the same in the quality if service. Oh well i think its time to change i have a new provider im going to try a bit cheaper amd i dont see anything about advanced payments.

Thanks for replying what a carry on its been i wish i hadnt bothered with it a wild goose chase.

Hey @neil_1982,

We’re not lying, but I feel like there is more to the story. In this case it looks like Citizen’s Advice have recommended for you to apply for the Bulb Energy Fund or the Warm Home Discount which both offer £140 to go towards your energy bills.

Have Citizens Advice given you a reference number or have you already been in contact with one of our support team?

They should notify you whether or not you’re eligible for the BEF. If they said you’re eligible, you can apply for it here: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360044896191-Apply-for-help-with-your-energy-costs-with-Bulb-s-Energy-Fund

Hi Trevor,

As mentioned it was yourselfs that made me aware of this via an email you sent me on the 10th stating your partnering with citizens advice i filled your form in and they called for what i was expecting to apply for the grant.

I have explained this on facebook but i’m going round in circles and seems bulb is trying shift it away from yourselfs and make it as difficult for me as possible.

I wasnt aware of this till the 10th December and they didnt discuss any sort of grant with me despite me mentioning it and seems to be just away of collecting data.

Theu didnt return my calls and then closed my case saying theres nothing they can do its up to bulb who gets a grant but they never even took an application number r did they state any criteria nor do you sonit has been a huge waste of my time and caused slot of upset and stress.

Thier solution to a vunerable person with no care is cutndown my energy and get a job basically.

Im sick with no support so working st present and cutting down my energy when i live in a bedsit is difficult everything i use is essential and off when i don’t need it. I also didnt realise they were giving employment advice despite me mentioning my health they just were not interested.

Soninhave been rulednoutnof whd core and broader and now this Grant without even given an application or been given the criteria. Seems making rule s up as you go here.

Ill be contacting the ombudsman / offgem myself and start looking for a new provider you can see my private dms on Facebook if you need anything esle.

Ive spent two weeks on this im not going to keep going round in circles.


Hi Neil,

I can see my colleague is helping you with this on Facebook. We’ll carry on the conversation there as we can talk in more detail about your account and whats happening.

All the best,

Your colleges have been messing me around since Tuesday and keep saying its nothing to do with you.
Yet from your email

They are just going round in circles on Facebook and refusing me a compalint so as i mentioned you have 7 days then im taking it further .

Thanks all the best and i will be changing supplier also .

This from a company who says they don’t lie.

The warm home discount scheme details on the official UK government website…

I only found out about the warm home discount scheme last year completely by chance clicking on a wrong link, id been eligible to claim for years and had no idea. The general way these work is you only find out and get to know what help and benefits you’re entitled to is by already knowing what benefits and help you’re entitled to…

I’m by no means well off and have had to ask for help myself being identified as extremely vulnerable and shielding for months I didn’t even realise what day it was. I have experienced a couple of months without a penny to my name relying on friends and family for food and topping up my meters before I joined bulb, before covid-19, but makes you realise no matter how dependent you may be there comes a time when you NEED help.

Could we set up some kind of pot maybe, opt in to just stick £1 or so a month in it to help people struggling.