£17 in a week on gas since switching over to bulb

Hi guys just wondering if anyone else has had same issue since going over to bulb?
I have used £17 in a week on gas, im using payg meters, and im not sure how, as with previous supplier (British Gas) was less , nothing has changed in my usage, so the only thing i can think of is bulb are more expensive??

Did you compare the unit rates of the two respective tariffs while switching?

Also, when did you switch? Do you have gas central heating? It’s got colder as we approach winter so you’ll be using more gas.

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As @FromTheValleys said, are you absolutely sure you’re comparing like-with-like, right down to correcting for external weather conditions (temperature, wind level, etc.).

Either Bulb are more expensive, or they’re not. This is a quantitative question with no interpretation required or differences in opinion. Compare the unit rate and standing charge you were paying with what you’re paying now, and the numbers tell you the answer.

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Hi thanks for the reply, yes i do have GCH, I switched over on the 12th December, There is no debts ect all up to date i use the same gas as i did before, I found the welcome email which stated i pay Electric Daily charge 20.30p a day, and 12.20p per Kwh, and gas is Daily charge 26.96p a day, 3.34p per Kwh and that is cheaper than british gas

Without your post code I wouldn’t know (don’t disclose it here). Energy prices vary by postcode. Sites like uswitch can give you a comparison of prices and unit rates accordingly.

When I last checked bulb are generally cheaper for pre pay.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Your house won’t heat for free and I know my gas usage is many times larger in the winter months over the summer months.

So your £17 will last a lot less time in winter than summer.

For reference, with the heating on I averaged £2.50 per day from mid-November to mid-December, so that’s £17.50 per week in gas usage alone.

How long have you been in your property? If you haven’t experienced winter bills yet, perhaps you’re simply underestimating quite how expensive it is to heat a building?

Assuming the kWh rate is cheaper which is probably why you switched to Bulb the next thing to do is work out how much kWh you have used with Bulb compared to how much kWH you had used with BG.
As previous posters have stated it is getting colder and you will use more energy as a result.
I suspect you are going to find you are using more kWh now rather than the rate being more expensive.
My usage has shot up the last couple of months (£s)…