18.5p Kwh? When promised 13.5p

I moved from British Gas at 17.4p Kwh to Bulb as they are giving me 13.5p Kwh odd and now my smart meter says bloody 18.5p Kwh the day the switch happened. Has anyone else had a price increase when quoted a much cheaper price? Standing charge was supposed to be 20p odd as well.

The attached photo is not your smart meter, it’s your IHD (in home display). You need to go to your smart meter and press some buttons on it, to find out what tariff is showing on that.
There are loads of problems with IHD’s do a quick search on here.

Yeah just got a call back saying they can’t communicate with in house meters…all good and quick call back
EDIT:- standing charge should be 20.4p a day but meter outside says 27.8p and wont give Kwh rate.