18% Price rise for electricity in 6 mths with no transparency! Too much!

I’ve been quite happy generally with service/account management etc and so wore the 6% electricity increase in April, even though I didn’t see other green prices going up and couldn’t confirm facts for myself. However, this most recent rise takes the increase over the last 6 mths to 18%, again with generalities about structural price increases but no hard evidence.
The evidence that I do have is that other green electricity is now cheaper than Bulb’s prices BEFORE the April increase! Govt policy not affecting everyone then? Hmmm…
TBH I don’t care. Bulb have made their choice and I’ve made mine. Consuming 11-12,000 KWh pa makes it worth moving and I’ve signed to go. Back if/when pricing make sense again (maybe).


Wouldn’t hold my breath wating for it to go down :wave:bulb

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