1st Direct Debit

Hi. I contacted you asking if you could take the direct debit out on the 28th May but see you requested it the 21st. It was confirmed it would be taken the 28th so why are you requesting it 21st and again on 15th June? We’ve had no post about Bulb or welcome pack, so we are not sure about contact numbers or what’s going to happen etc. We have been with one company for over 14 years and it’s quite a big step changing and not having any information as we
thought we would.

Hi @ssmetts - sorry about that! It looks like you changed the payment date just a tiny bit too late, as direct debits are requested from the bank several days in advance, so the first payment was already underway.

I can’t see anything about the 15th June though, and all your future payments are set for the 28th of each month, starting on 28th June (nothing on 28th May).

We always send your Welcome Pack the day that you sign up, but everything we do is paperless, so it would have come by email.

Hope that helps,