1st meter readings submitted but dates appear different

I submitted my first meter readings today 9th December as requested by Bulb via email. The gas reading appears correct on my bulb account after submission, but the electricity reading is saying it was submitted on 13th December even though it was submitted same time as the gas reading. I’m a bit worried this will cause an issue with switching from my previous supplier. Can anyone advise who I need to contact to check the readings were received correctly?


Hi @brassdolphin , I’ve just checked in on your account online, as well as in our system. In our system, the readings show as being entered in on December 9. I believe that because your start date with us is the 13th, they’re listed in your account under that name. It looks to me like both gas and electric are listed as so. This won’t cause any problems. They are your first readings and they’ve been sent off to your previous supplier.