1st September - and despite smart meter the numbers are ESTIMATE

So first of september has come and gone and the usage has been updated in the account - but it still Estimated.
The Gas in particular does not even seem to have been re-set to 0 but it is estimated based on the old meter. The electricity is an estimate starting from 0 but still an incorrect estimate.
What shall I do?

Same situation for me as above. I just phoned helpdesk and was told they will fix this by taking daily readings from my new meter which will fix the problem. The guy I spoke too didnt give me confidence and I am awaiting with great trepidation for the result though I suspect it may be chaotic rather like the situation with my previous conventional meter where all my meter readings were ignored by bulb in favour of inflated estimates and Bulb refused to say why and they did not respond to my numerous messages…

supposedly they told me last month they were taking readings every 30 minutes!

My meters were sending and showing daily readings (after Bulb asked my permission for daily reads) on my account until 13th July when they reverted to just one on the 12th of the month which happens to be the day when my statement is due,so my energy usage chart must be estimated.
Some really fictitious figures on there,on three or four days I’ve only used 20p of gas including the standard charge!