2 accounts

Hi Bulb, I’ve just switched my wife’s flat to Bulb but used my email address which is also the one I used for my Bulb account at a separate property - can’t seem to log on to the former account as it comes up with latter account only. How can I change the email details on my wife’s account so that they’re separate accounts?

Hi @Alex_B_007,

You’ll need to ask Bulb to disassociate the two accounts to be two different email addresses - if you drop them a line via email (see How to get in touch – Bulb ), they’ll be able to help. If you include which email address you want to use for each property, that’ll save them from asking.

If there are multiple properties under the same email account, I’m lead to believe that you should be able to click on the property address to switch between properties. (However, if you set both properties up with the same email address but different passwords, they may not be fully associated together - again, if you would prefer both properties under the same account, drop Bulb an email).

Hope it helps and let us know how things went so we can let other community members (customers) know in the future.