2 bills for march and new one has incorrect meter readings?

I received a bill on the 23rd of march for 6 feb-6 March which has the correct meter readings
but today I received another invoice which has meter readings which are impossible.

I switched to a smart meter on the 2nd of March and the engineer submitted the final readings, and the first bill had these correct, but the bill I received today has readings beyond what the meter had when it was removed. so either the meter has been re-used or the system has replaced the engineer read and submitted readings with estimates? which are some >900kwh higher

I’m unable to use the chat as the app crashes whenever I try but I would appreciate if someone could take a look at my account and see what has happened.

Hi Is anyone @BULB able to look into this for me?

Hello @hwextreme Thanks for your post.

It seems that the final reads for the exchange are causing the concerns here. On the meter or near the meter there should be a yellow sticker (GAS) and a green card/white sticker (ELEC) that contains details of the meter exchange.

We will email you for the details of this so we can further investigate.

Thank you.

Carl :bulb: