2 Months of disconnected data from smart meter HUD and Billing and zero answer from Bulb

Hi all,
I have a smart meter and at the start of August Bulb asked me to switch to the new dual tariff for energy (I have only energy)
5pm to 8pm weekdays 25.11p per kWh
All other times, and all weekend 12.61p per kWh

I got in touch with them the 9th of August to point out that the Peak time starts at 4pm instead of 5pm (one hour earlier)

And till now the only answer I had is we will look into it. Then I checked the amount billed every day on the HUD compared with the amount billed everyday on the website.
And the amount billed on the website (the one that at the end of the month creates the actual bill) is higher every day, funny enough is higher every day of a different amount.
Again no answer.

They also tried to increase the DD but I am keep reverting it back as my account is in credit of more than 4 months worth of average consumption.

I am thinking of leaving as there is no point to stay with a company that keep increasing prices and ignoring all the issues of their customers, any recommendation?

Hi @mark0

Welcome to the Bulb community! I’m sorry that your first post was to chase up these issues with us.

Unfortunately, these are very early days for our smart tariff and something teething problems still exist. I can see that you have an open complaint about these problems, and it’s something our smart team are aware of. I’m sorry the issue has been ongoing, but we are trying to get a resolution to it for you.