2 MPAN meters - new customer

Hi, I’m keen to join Bulb, I’ve an economy 7 heating. When I try and register there is an option of two MPAN. At present both these numbers are on my EON bill. I’ve one meter, I’m a bit confused. Can anyone give me an answer as to how I register my meter. Thanks.

Hi @cairndow, no problem we can definitely sign you up. Am I right in saying you have one meter but two supply points (MPANs) showing on your bill?

If that’s the case can you please email us with the two numbers. If you’re not sure, it would be great if you could send us a copy of the bill and we’ll check for you :slight_smile:

Same situation for me, i would like to join Bulb but when i try to subscribe, two MPAN are associated with my address.
However, in my case, I’ve just moved in a new house and i don’t know my MPAN number since I don’t have any previous bill.
Can anyone help me with that?
Thank you.

Hey @lmartini yes we can :slight_smile: In your case as you don’t have a previous bill, would you be able to drop an email to help@bulb.co.uk asking to sign up for your two MPANs, and attach a photo of your meter displaying the serial number (next to the barcode)? We’ll be able to use this info to find out both your details.

I too have 2 MPAN (but only 1 meter) and although I had informed them several times about the 2 MPAN I was initially told I could join Bulb with no problem what they didn’t tell me until my transfer was almost complete was that I would have to pay 2 times for the Daily Charge (ie 1 for each MPAN) As this was not acceptable to me I cancelled the transfer. I was not impressed with the Bulb Customer Service as they don’t seem to be able to cope with queries slightly different to ‘one size fits all’

And not only do they charge a second standing charge, but charge a single tariff which is almost the day rate, which makes storage heaters on Bulb a very expensive option. As far as I can find out, even doing away with the Storage heater won’t solve the problem, as you will still have to get a new meter. I asked if the standing charge could be suspended when the heaters are off all summer, but the answer was no.

i have the same. when i signed up i also have too pay the two standing charges for my mpans. when i asked what times it was on for, as i have a radio signal activated meter this is the info i was given:
Weekdays 0000-0700, 1300-1600, 2000-2400; (if correct this equals 14hrs a day)
Saturdays 1300-2400 ( Off Peak) (equals 11hrs a day)
Sundays 0000-2400 (Off Peak) (24hrs)
Electricity Supply Pricing: Day 13.5555 p / kWh, Night 13.5555 p / kWh

anyone else think thats a bit excessive considering on sse superdeal i was only getting up to 10hrs a day?
i was not told about the rate for this supply untill i got a statement through.

when i left sse superdeal in april i was paying
Day energy at 20.24p per kwh
Night energy at 12.04p per kwh
Stored heat energy at 10.1p per kwh
Standing charge 66.days at 20.1p per day

still not sure how its going to work out cheaper, but considering bulbs day rate is 6p less and night is 4p less i think its going to outway the 3p increase in stored energy.

any thoughts.

@ChristineH the tariff we have to put you on is determined by the technical details for your meter - some people will be able to go on the ‘2-rate’ tariff with a day and night rate, and others (like yourself) will need to be charged on a 1-rate tariff. You’re right that the only way to change this would be to get a new meter installed.

As for the standing charge, this is the cost of having an active supply (a bit like line rental for a telephone) - so we have to charge it even if there’s no usage, unfortunately. Hope this helps clarify things a little.

I recently transferred to Bulb. still having problems as you didnlt switch over my electricity only my gas. Scottish power advised me on Sat that I have multiple MPAN’s. Would this mean when you finally sort out the switchover I’ll be charged extra for this? If so, who would replace my meter to ensure I only have 1 MPAN or would be i better off just moving to another supplier?