2 Price Increases in a month?

I’ve just noticed that in my last statement (covering the period to 28th Feb) my daytime price was 15.43 which it has been since I joined in August. Yet in the Tariffs section 16.202 is showing as my current price. I then had an email on 2nd March confirming a price increase from Day 16.202 to Day 17.43 from 1st April. So it seems that within a month my price increases TWICE, one to 16.202 (with no notification that I can find in my email) and again to 17.43 - that’s 12%!!!

Does this really mean there have actually been 2 tariff increases in the space of a month and one of them was being hidden from us? I know from my work that wholesale prices were rising through the winter but have been plummeting during March due to the impact Corona Virus is having on demand and the Oil markets in particular so am I correct to expect a significant reduction in the tariffs to follow on VERY soon?

Your first ‘increase’ is because one price is net of VAT (5%) and one Gross. The second increase is because the of huge increase in infrastructure costs to cope with renewables.

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15,43x1.05 = 16.2015 (lets call it 16.202). The difference is VAT at 5%.


Of course… VAT… Didn’t spot that! Thanks!

But I think Bulb has been a bit devious in their price structure. During winter months 2019-20, when prices had slumped, and every utility company was offering lower price tariffs, BULB maintained their prices, particularly the gas, which was higher anyway than many offerings.

Now at the incept of summer, they have lowered the gas price, but increased the electricity, what?

Gas consumption is minimal in summer, but electricity is another matter, in particular overnight fan/aircon in 2 or 3 bedrooms in a house is bound to bump up the bill.

Good on ya BULB, win win situation for you, damn the customers.