2 rate meter.

I am switching to you and trying to submit my first meter readings. I have an economy 7 meter that has to readings, I did specify this when ordering and it looks like im on a single rate tariff? when submitting my readings its only giving me the option to submit one reading, can you help?


Hi Paige,

I’ve just checked for you and we definitely have both registers with us and you’re on our 2-rate tariff, so no need to worry about that.

The reason you’re only seeing one reading is because you don’t actually have a single 2-rate meter. You have two 1-rate meters, which MyBulb isn’t set up to handle. Since your meter setup is relatively rare, especially outside of Scotland, we haven’t build MyBulb to manage it I’m afraid. When you’re submitting readings you can just reply to the reminder email we send you instead and we’ll put them in for you.

There are quite a lot of rare meter setups, so as we continually improve MyBulb we’ll add compatibility with more and more of them. But we can’t quite do it yet I’m afraid.

All the best,