2 rate meters

Why do some houses have 2 rate meters? I’ve never come across one before but my new house has one and I’m worried it will affect what I’m paying. I thought I was on a standard tariff.

You get 7 hours per night at a cheaper rate. So if you can use over ~40% of your electricity over night, then it can be cheaper to have economy 7, despite paying a little more during daytime hours.

So it’s good for people with electric storage heaters, storage tanks, electric cars etc…

The page at https://bulb.co.uk/tariff/ will let you see what the different unit prices are on both the standard and Economy 7 tariffs. On E7 it’s slightly higher during the day, and noticeably lower at night.

As phproxy said, if it works out cheaper depends on what kind of energy usage you have. You should be able to choose if you actually want an Economy 7 tariff though – Bulb support should be able to handle switching between the two if you do the maths and figure it doesn’t actually save you anything. It really depends what’s drawing power and when!

They used to allow billing a single rate for 2 rate/economy 7 meters, but now they apparently do not.

If you have an economy 7 meter then you would only be eligible for our economy 7 tariff.

As the night-time rates run from approximately 12:30 until 07:30, they tend to be the best deal for customers who ramp up their electricity usage at night with things like storage heaters and EV charging.

However, we also have customers who simply alter their patterns of usage to take advantage of the much cheaper night rate (it’s about half of the usual day rate.)

Have a look at the tariffs here: https://bulb.co.uk/tariff