2 weeks after smart meter installed, all emails asking to swap to EV tariff are ignored

More than 2 weeks passed now. Sent 2 emails asking for a tariff change, both ignored. Why on earth are you making this so hard? I want to be on the EV tariff. This has been MONTHS OF WASTING MY TIME to get the smart meter, now completely ignoring me.
If you don’t reply and change my tariff I’ll take it up with ofgem.
For crying out loud, reply to emails. No wonder bulb went bust.

Hi @cliff

Thank you for posting,

We’re really sorry you’ve had a poor experience with Bulb, it certainly doesn’t meet the standards of service that we aim to deliver.

I can see that you have recently had your new smart meters installed so you should be able to move to the EV tariff right away. [ You can apply for this here.]

Once again apologies for the delay, our response times may vary depending on how you contact us, so if you wish to talk to us urgently then please use our chat facility or call us on : 0300 303 0635

–Suki :hibiscus:

For crying out loud. IT DOES NTO LET ME CHANGE THE FLIPPING TARIFF. I am NOT wasting MY TIME on the phone or in some patronising ‘chat’ app.
Just switch me to the flipping tariff or expect me to complain to ofgem, and bill you for my time.
This is not rocket science.

We’re updating your smart meters in our systems

You should be able to sign up in the next 10 days. Sorry for the wait.

If your smart meters were installed more than 2 weeks ago, email help@bulb.co.uk with ‘Tariff change request’ as the subject line. We’ll double check everything’s working as planned.

Just fix it. Stop posting patronising links to stuff I have already told you does not work, AND FIX IT.

Checked MYSELF with the DCC: (using an online tool that your useless forum software will not allow me to post)

Your meter’s working in smart mode
Supplier: Bulb Energy Limited

So you have no excuse not to change my tariff RIGHT NOW.
I refuse to pay more than I have to because you are too busy to make a trivial database change.

Hi @cliff,

I can see that your switch to the EV tariff has now been started, so you’ll be able to track the progress via your online Bulb account. Sorry again that this has taken so long to be actioned for you.

-Luke :bulb:

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