20% increase

I’ve just signed up and received one email saying my winter payments will be increased by 20% and another email informing me that my tariff will increase in December due to wholesale energy price increases!! Not a great start I have to say.
Please can you keep my payments the same as quoted and not increase them by 20%? I will keep an eye on my account and change the payment if necessary.
I’ve just have new triple glazed windows and a new very efficient boiler installed in my house this month, and I expect my energy usage to be significantly lower as a result.

Sure @sgwilde I’ve changed your payments to stay at the lower amount without the winter increase. It sounds like you won’t need it with all those efficiency measures.

I hope we explained everything clearly in the email about the tariff increase, but let me know if there’s anything you’d like to go into more detail on.

All the best,

Nice to know that we can lower the winter payments if they seem too high for our own usage … I’m leaving mine as they are for now but my actual spend in Nov billing was almost the amount without the 20% increase to allow for winter … great flexibility for the Bulb team

Hi @swannyp - glad to hear it. Perhaps you can keep an eye on the usage in December and we could reduce the uplift if your usage continues to be lower? Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.