£20 monthly increase Why

Why is my monthly amount being increased by £20 a month when I will be £155 in credit today? Does not make sense?


I can beat that…I’m £77 in credit and they are trying to increase my payments by £55 a month.

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@Janedoig, firstly welcome to Bulb community.

I can see that although your payment is due to be taken tomorrow, we will also debit your Bulb account with your usage for the past month tomorrow, when we generate your statement.

I can see that your payments are roughly equal to what your monthly statements are coming out to at the moment, so this means that when the higher-consumption Winter months come, it is likely that your account will fall into debit, as you’ll be using more than you’re paying. It’s for this reason that we’ve had to raise your payment amount. I hope this clears things up for you.

jokers these lot,ive been with them 6 months they told me my payments would be £85 a month,i upped it myself to £100 to be sure im paying enough and im £103 in credit now they want to increase it to £129 a month for winter usage!
Not a chance is that happening.


Time to switch my friend.

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I feel the same any provider that doesn’t have standing charge when not using Gas? and any cheaper ones than bulb ?

If you don’t mind a slightly higher unit rate than with Bulb, Yorkshire Energy are currently offering a gas tariff with a standing charge of 6.5p per day (about 1/3 that of Bulb). This only works out better for you if your annual gas consumption is moderate though! (otherwise the higher unit rate will outweigh the SC saving)

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Utilita don’y have S/C for gas or leccy, but their rate for the first 2kws is quite high
Pure Planet don’t have standing charges per se’ but they have a “membership” fee of £8 per month per fuel

Hi @tm1974 I can see you’ve discussed this with one of the team and we’re keeping your payments at £100 for now.

The suggested change to your payments will have been based on your projected winter usage and the recent tariff change. We’d advise submitting monthly readings over the winter to keep your account balance up to date.

There are a few suppliers who state no standing charge. As Skippy said the first 2-5 kWh per day are up to double the normal tariff so that ‘no standing charge’ only applies if you don’t actually use any. I called it their hidden sc when I worked for those companies…