20% more wasn't mention in the quote page

I just signed up with you,but I’ve been informed after that there’s a 20% more during winter period, I don’t think is fare because in the quote page it wasn’t mentioned. I will submit my meter readings every single month, so no need to pay more. I would like that you take off this 20%.
Thank you

HI @gabyedi16 I’ll be very happy to take your 20% winter payment uplift off. I just need to know what your address is, since you’ve joined the community on a different email address. Could you email your name, postcode and that you want it removed to help@bulb.co.uk? We’ll jump on it right away.

I’m sorry you didn’t see it on the quote page. It’s on the payment details page, but it looks like we could potentially make it clearer. This is also why we include it in the welcome email, so that you can’t miss it.