20% winter increase?

Just signed up to bulb and will begin my dual fuel agreement on 5th December but straight away you want a 20% increase without knowing how much I use???

Please leave it at the agreed starting price and then monitor it like you should…if I should then need an increase then get in touch with me…I really don’t know anyone who likes to pay well in advance so would appreciate your co-operation on this.



Hi @tommo I’ve just changed your payments to stay at the lower amount throughout winter. We recommend the winter increase so that people don’t fall into debt over the winter. Normally people build up a buffer of credit over summer, so they don’t need it, but since you’re joining during winter you don’t have that. It’s optional, so we’re happy to take it off if you’d prefer, which I’ve done for you.

We have an estimate for how much you use, which is what your original monthly payments are based off. Most people use 20% more during winter compared to their average throughout the year. So that’s where the 20% came from.

All the best,

Thanks but over the last year my monthly payments never went up but did decrease after winter…hopefully this will happen again but if not, you know where I am

No problem. If it turns out that you’re still paying more for your energy than you’re using then we’ll absolutely lower your payments again and refund you any difference too.

Hi, I am in the same situation as Tommo. I’d like to keep my payments as they’ve been estimated based on my last year’s usage and pay more if I use more. Please may you note this on my account Will?


Sure. All sorted @missjpj. As I’m sure you read above, but I should mention anyway, it would be a great idea to keep on top of your meter readings so that you don’t end up with a surprising bill at the end of winter if you do use more than you expect.