2022 Hold Music

Could anyone tell me the current (i.e. 2022) Bulb hold music?
I have looked online and found a Spotify playlist but that does not seem to have the current music which my wife really loves.
Many thanks

I was forced to contact bulb Yesterday and whilst searching for their number I found your post…

It’s called Sunshowers by Yasmin Williams.
It’s on YouTube.

An easy way to identify music is to get the SoundHound app, it’s free and really good.

Enjoy the music. :+1:t2:

Thanks for your help Bulberino (great username too!)

My wife likes that track but it is not THE one that she loves. The one she is really after sounds more like a string quartet (in F sharp minor maybe - she is a musician!) Siri was unable to identify it - might you be able to try your app?

Many thanks again :musical_score: :violin: :notes:

Hi @Tabu :wave: thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community :partying_face:

I have asked around to see if we can solve the mystery of this song! In the meantime please have a listen through the playlist on spotify as it might be on there Hold Music - September 2021 - playlist by Bulb | Spotify


Jenny :star:

Hi Jenny

Thank you so much for posting - I have checked the playlist on Spotify but sadly the mystery music is not there. Might there have been an update to the selection? My wife is really keen to track it down so I really appreciate your help! :musical_score:
Tabu :notes: