21 month statement

Has anyone else had a statement like this this month?

The email opens:

Here’s your latest statement. It looks different to normal because it’s for 21 months of usage, rather than the normal one month.

And the statement says:

Your bill has been corrected as we received more
accurate info about your usage. We’ve refunded the
previous impacted bills, listed below as credit notes,
and re-calculated the correct cost of your energy for
the full period.

But I mean… What on earth actually happened?

For reference, I had a Smart Meter fitted in March 2019 which was, let’s say, “temperamental” to begin with… But 21 months!?


Mines similar but a way less impressive 2 month statement. The worrying thing about mine is it says…

“ We recently received new meter readings from you or your old supplier.”

Slightly worrying they don’t know which. I do. They came from the guy who installed my smart meter in November.

Yes, that’s the sort of thing that makes sense. I mean, to a point :wink:

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