£25 for switching to bulb

when do I get my £25 for switching to bulb?

What offer are you referring to?

The Bulb referral system is £50 each to you of the referrer. Did you click through to Bulb using a referral link from another customer?

If you used a separate referral system offering you just £25 then you’ll have to contact whoever is running that system, rather than directly contacting Bulb.

when do I get my £25 for switching to bulb?
if you switched through moneysupermarket.com you will have to wait until they send the cheque

Referral is £25 if only gas or electricity is switched.


Good point, well made.

Hi @nlee93654, if you have credit meters and you’re switching to Bulb, you get the referral credit in your Bulb account on the day you switch to us.

@Allanr is completely right. Our referral scheme has changed to £25 per fuel. So to get the £50 referral you need to recommend someone who has both gas and electricity.

If you’re a prepay member the referral process is slightly different. Your referral does not trigger on the day you switch to us but after you make your first top-up with your electricity key on/after your Bulb start date. Once you have made this top-up, you will get an email from our partners at Transferwise. There will be a link in this email that you click, enter your bank details and then the referral credit will go straight into your bank account. It can take around 5 working days after your first top-up to receive the email from Transferwise.