2nd cancellation with less than 24 hours cancellation time

So I joined bulb after receiving a HARD sale call… (firstly these are illegal calls) I joined… oh boy how much I regret it. So I had no boiler in my property for 8 months…this massively set me back. So the last TWO bank holidays my meter has completely lost supply… I’ve had appointments booked in with Bulb via the service provided by Siemens-.-
On bank holiday they didn’t even bother showing up let alone giving me a call to let me know they weren’t coming. And left me off supply for over 24 hours denying my partner access to the fridge to store his insulin, he needs this due to his type 1 diabetes.
I suffer from mental health disorders and an autoimmune disorder myself. I always need access to the telephone services provided to people that suffer from mental health problems, due to COVID these are non-contact appointments now. I have missed a number of appointments due to bulb allowing my electricity meter to be off for prolonged periods of time.
They have little to no regard for their clients that are on the vulnerability list. What is the point in having this list BULB? If you’re not going to help theses clients why categorise us?

Hi @allie21gallucci

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had this experience!

If the engineer has failed to turn up we’ll send you £30 compensation for this. In terms of the other issues you have had I can only apologise for the stress this must’ve caused. I can assure you we do take the Priority Services Register seriously and want to ensure our members are kept safe and with energy. I can see my colleagues have now emailed you about this and have been able to help sort this out for you.

Let us know if we can help with anything else!

– H :bulb: