2nd home and overlap

Hi there, I’ve bought a 2nd home and there will be approx 3mth overlap where I’ll need electric at both homes. How do I add the 2nd home and will I then incur an early cancellation fee from the 1st home. Any advice appreciated for a bulb newbie.

Firstly, welcome to Community, @SiennaD, we’re happy to have you on board :wave:

That’s absolutely fine for you to have two properties listed with us, quite a few members do. You’ll need to sign up on our Join website for the new property, and we’ll take that supply over in the usual 21 days.

I would recommend signing up for the new property with the same email address as the current property - that way we can merge the accounts together and you will be able to move between them both on your Bulb account.

Finally, we don’t have any contracts, so you won’t incur any fees for moving out of your old property. All you’ll need to do is fill out the Move Out form to let us know that you’ve moving out, and we’ll sort out closing your account and issuing you a final statement.

I hope this is all clear for you, but if you have any questions, let me know and I’ll be happy to help :v:

That is great to know. Thanks so much. Is there a way to estimate costs for the 2nd home, when I’ve never lived there, and its been empty for 5yrs? I therefore have no idea what the costs of electric and gas will be there?

Hi @SiennaD,

That can be very tricky to accurately calculate. During the 3 month transition period is the property going to remain empty?

One easy way to estimate the costs would be to go through our sign-up page and just base it on the size of the property and area: http://bulb.co.uk/

Thanks for your reply Noah. Yes, we will be living at the new home for part of the 3mth transition. I’ll look at the sign up page and start at a lower rate, then I can always increase payments once I have a few months of data. thanks again.

That sounds like the perfect plan. It is always best to make sure the standing charge is covered and a little bit of usage.

Most housing insurance policies require the property to have a little bit of heating used when the property is empty so when setting the direct debit for the first three months it is worth adding £10-20 on top of the standing charge usage to make sure the energy is also being covered. That being said, as it is summer that is probably ok.

You can find out what the unit price and standing charge is by entering the postcode at the bottom of this link: https://bulb.co.uk/tariff/

Thanks for the info. The house is a deceased estate and empty for 3+ years, so I doubt any heating has been left on. Well none at all when we’ve visited and no electric on either. I’ll certainly keep the standing charge usage in mind when signing up though. thanks again.

@SiennaD no worries, glad we could help. If you need anything else, give us a shout :speaking_head: