£3,000 incorrectly debited

Hello guys, strap yourself in for a long post. But i am desperate.

I’m looking for some help and advice please, or even some assistance if Bulb staff interact with customers on here.

Last year Bulb got our readings incorrect, we were apparently using £2,000 over the course of a few months. They saw this was incorrect after some chasing by us, and they reset our balance. We thanked them for being diligent and helping us, so we stayed.

However, this issue has arisen once again - even worse this time. Since February they are stating we have used over £3,000, which is absolutely ludicrous as we’re a family of 2 adults and 1 child, in a small flat with storage heaters that have barely been used. We have no heavy electric devices that we use everyday. So this £3,000+ bill is inconceivable.

We have complained to Bulb, given them our neter readings and were adamant the charge is valid. However, they sent out an engineer on the 18th June 2021 who was shocked to see that the meter was completely out of spec to what he had been given by bulb. He said our meter was way out of spec and would send this in a report back to bulb.

Since then, we’ve heard ZERO from the agent that was dealing with our complaint. Oh, apart from two emails stating -
1- our direct debit has been amended to £267 per month (up from £75 normally)
2- if we were happy with the way our complaint had been dealt.

This is incredibly concerning now. Has our complaint been closed without our consent? Or even a full investigation??
What about the report from the engineer??
I am pregnant at the moment and this is severely stressing me and my partner out. They must have a duty of care to investigate complaints, resolve them fully and protect vulnerable people from situations like this??

Weve had months where our statements from the month have indicated weve used around £67 of electricity and then other months where weve used £330, it just doesnt make any sense.

What is the next best course of action for us? Financial Ombudsmen need Bulb to give us a decision on our complaint first, but Bulb seem to have gone brain dead now the engineer report has been sent… how convenient for them!

Please, please, please. I will be so appreciative of any advice as I am losing the will to live with this going on, and with apparently no way to get it resolved!!

Thank you,

If it’s eight weeks since you initially raised the problem with Bulb and they have not resolved it, you can report the issue to Ofgem. They will chase Bulb to get it sorted and may even be able to offer you some compensation - although I believe that is quite rare.
I will be referring my own problem with Bulb to Ofgemthis Saturday.

Hey @MegNotHappy

Thanks for reaching out to us on Community- I’m sorry to hear this has been difficult to get responses about. My colleagues let us know you managed to get in touch with them via social media today. Unfortunately the email attached to this community account doesn’t seem to be attached to a Bulb Account so we’d need some more details to take a look on here.

From what we understand so far-

The use on your account looks quite high as we’ve billed to these submitted readings, I think this would be worth looking into- do you have anything that may cause high use? Things like elec only properties, places that have hot tubs or pets that need heating, or faulty appliances can cause high use. An electrician can also conduct a trace test to see if one thing is causing a large drain.

If it does seem to be the meter that is the issue there’s a quick test you can do.

All you need to do is to take a photo of your meter reading, turn the electricity off at the fuse box, and then take another photo at least 30 minutes later. The reading shouldn’t have changed over that period. If it has, there could be something wrong with your meter. You’d just need to send us both sets of photos- would you be able to send us these over social media where you got in touch today?

We’ll then take a look at the engineer report as well and see if we can work out what’s gone on :blush: