3 meter reading query

So I have 3 meter readings (eco 7)

1 day and 1 night reading which all calculate to what I have estimated.

A 3rd reading which is extremely high and I can’t understand it.

It doesn’t help that the previous reading is estimated but my total bill shows £164 of usage in a small flat which doesn’t make sense.

My day and night readings olus standing charge only come to £50 so what’s costing me £100 more??!
Is it the 1 storage heater I have on LOW setting to come on overnight?

I’m so so careful with everything I use, to the extreme if I’m honest.

Were you previously on a Scottish Power Comfort Plus setup by any chance? If so, it’s probably your storage heater which is the 3rd reading and it’s being charged at the standard variable rate - not a cheap overnight rate.

I was previously with Scottish power as my last place.

I see that makes sense… i won’t leave that on anymore then :see_no_evil:

Also a second standing charge for the month? Seems a bit unfair to be honest.

My current tariff is monthly variable 2 rate?

If you have a Scottish Power radio teleswitch meter you probably have two MPANs (two supply points). One for your usual electricity and hot water which will be on monthly variable 2 rate (Economy 7) and a storage heater MPAN which will be on monthly variable (single rate). There will likely be two different meter numbers on your statements. The storage heater has too many off-peak hours which is why Bulb can’t bill you on Economy 7.

You shouldn’t be charged two standing charges though. Bulb were doing this but then had to re-credit such customers. Definitely take it up with Bulb.

There is a possible solution in the form of 5-terminal smart meters, which I believe Bulb are now installing and would enable your storage heater to benefit from Economy 7 rates too. My understanding is that one of your MPANs would be ‘de-energised’ as part of the smart meter installation.

Assuming your meter is a radio teleswitch meter, the radio signals which operate these are due to be switched off at the end of next year, so Bulb should be able to clarify what they can do for you now in this respect.

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I contacted bulb and they said the reason I have 2 lots of charges is because I have 2 different lines going in (there are 2 mpn? Numbers on my statement) seems a bit cheeky though ! That’s £23 before I’ve even switched a light on

As mentioned above, Bulb were pulled up by Ofgem for charging more than one standing charge for those with multiple MPANs. I’d be challenging it.

I can’t post a proper link but here’s the ruling below:


(replace the word colon with an actual:)

Thanks again for that Norman, however it does say in the gov website this is excluding eco 7 metering infrastructure and smart?

Some Bulb customers with restricted meter setups who were initially charged for two MPANs were refunded. One MPAN on Economy 7 and the storage heater MPAN on single rate. These were former Scottish Power Comfort Plus customers with radio teleswitch meters.

Thanks again for your help, they did take off the second standing charge.
Another issue now of course. They have charged me 550kw of heating for 1 month which is ridiculous as I have only 1 storage heater on!
So I’ve explained that to them and await a reply.

Also my night rate from heating has changed from 18.59 on my first statement to 27.85 on my second… does that sound right or should I argue that too?

Difficult to say without seeing the bills but your prices would’ve increased on 1st April, so that’s the only rate change.

Is the 550kWh definitely for only 1 month and not a bill revision covering several months?

Perhaps because of previous estimated usage?

All sorted now! Finally
I told them the estimate was wrong so managed to get them to reissue a statement for the 3rd time.

Also the 3rd reading that’s for storage heat overnight… would that cover anything else?
I’ve not had the storage heaters on this week at all and it’s changed by 30 units…

I can only speak from my experience of seeing one Comfort Plus setup and the 3rd reading (the control reading) didn’t move when the storage heaters were off.

But you may have a slightly different setup or meter or there may be some sort of settings on the heater. Maybe start by Googling the meter and/or storage heaters to find out exactly how they work together.

If you’re still struggling there’s a private Facebook group called Complex Electricity Meters UK where you could post questions.