3 months to get a new gas meter

Has anyone else had to talk to 7 different ‘specialists’ telling me 7 different answers, only to now be told I have to wait a further ‘few more weeks’ until I can get a meter. My central heating is being put in at the end July and still May not have the meter. Really poor service and knowledge

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Hi @Stanln :wave:

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bit of back and forth about your meter. I can see my colleague Hiran managed to chat to you about the situation.

As he mentioned, the information that we receive regarding new connections can take several weeks to come through so we need to wait for all of this to be updated before we can move forward with the installation.

I recommend continuing email communication with him so he can be your point of contact moving forwards so you don’t have to speak to separate people again- if you pop him a direct reply to his email it’ll go back to him personally :relaxed:

Thank you for replying but not really good enough - what does ‘a few weeks’ mean - I contacted you 6 weeks ago and still you cannot guarantee to get this sorted in a further 6 weeks - your processes need improving - and tou need to chase up queries. I could never recommend your company as usual I was impressed at the beginning

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@Stanln There are a couple processes that have to be completed before this is possible for new connections which include third parties so unfortunately we can’t make these any faster.

We’ve now managed to get your electric and gas meters ‘paired’ together on the siemens database, but it’s too early in the switch so we haven’t got all the information we need to be able to book an exchange. We need to wait for this to complete before we can move forwards.

I do recommend emailing Hiren back as a point of contact if you have any further questions or would like to get an update on where it’s at :slightly_smiling_face:

Interestingly I have been in contact with Siemens who have told me that they have had no contact from yourselves re my order - I would like some truths to be told

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Im only a few weeks into this process and ive already been given misinformation from 2 different people… and different costs! Interesting that the 1st quoted £120 to change both the meters and the second wanted £146 for gas and £120 for electric… but if i wanted both it would be £300.

I explained when the mains were going in, the supply number and when i was due heating installation… and told no problem… yet now after mains are in for 5 days… im told they havent even communicated with the engineers team yet.

Hi @Cjl

Thank you for your post :bulb:

I have looked into your case and can see that my colleague has been discussing this with you via email.

Your gas supply point was registered with us on 18 June, it can take 2-3 weeks after this for our engineers to get the details in order to install smart meters.

We have confirmed that the cost to replace your electricity smart meter would be £120 and the installation of a gas smart meter could be done free of charge.

If you have any questions or feedback then please let me know.


I 1st called via phone on the 2nd of june with the supply point reference… at that time she told me it would all be done and an engineer booked by 15th june. I queried this twice to confirm if this meant i would have the meter in by the time the works were completed and heating installation due date… again i was told yes it was all fine and after 15th it would automatically update the engineer.
She is the person who told me 120 for electric. She is the person who emailed after.
The next phone call was with a man named barney who gave me the different costs and tried telling me i had to pay for both at different prices.

You can confirm the original prices but it doesnt negate the problems prior nor does it help the situation of me having my heating system postponed until you can add the meters. I was a customer at my previous property with no issues… but current ive had nothing but problems for the past 5 months with my electric and now this.

Your customer service agents should all be reading from the same page (no differing info or prices) and talking to each other efficiently. This isnt happening.

Hi @Cjl, thanks for getting in touch. I’ve just edited your post to remove your personal details.

I’m sorry that it sounds like you were misadvised when you initially spoke to my colleague - if we didn’t apply to take over your supply until 2 June, we wouldn’t be able to book a job in for 15 June, as a switch alone takes 21 days.

I can see that you have a complaint open with Barney currently, and he’s outlined the next steps for getting this all booked in for you. If you do have any further questions, the best way to get these answered would to be to reply to Barney there.

Lou :sparkles: