3 phase electricity supply

Hi there,
I’ve recently moved in to my house, and become a Bulb customer.

I had an electrician in today and she noticed that I’ve got a three phase electricity supply. She reckons this isn’t necessary and that it’ll be costing more than a single phase supply. Is this something that Bulb can help me change to?

I’ve also got a day/night rate meter that I’d like changed to a single rate meter (I work from home and so economy 7 style rates doesn’t suit me). Again, can I arrange with Bulb to have this changed? I’m on the smart meter waiting list but, not knowing how long it might be before I can have that installed, I think it might be sensible to go ahead with a change to a standard single rate meter now, saving money in the meantime.

Hi @GavinCRobinson ,

I don’t believe Bulb charge any more for 3 phase supply than they do ‘normal’ supplies (unless you are on a commercial tariff). If you take your latest Bulb bill or welcome pack information and look at the rates there and compare it to those displayed on https://bulb.co.uk/tariff it should let you know (if the rates are the same, you aren’t being charged any more).

You can swap from Economy 7 to single rate - but it’ll be a cost of £120 for the switch (see Two rate meters (including Economy 7) – Bulb ), so it’ll probably work out cheaper to just wait for the smart meter unless you are really using a lot during the daytime and practically none at night. If you do want to change your meter, give Bulb a call or drop them an email (see How to get in touch – Bulb ).

I had an electrician in today and she noticed that I've got a three phase electricity supply.

How very lucky. Whatever you do, don’t get this reduced to a single phase supply. Over the course of the next few years you’ll find this will be a premium on your property value.