3 Phase Smart Meters

Hi There,

I’m currently shopping around for a new supplier, I have a slightly complicated arrangement, we have our main house on a single phase supply with gas and thats using Secure Smart Meters (SMETS1) from OVO currently.
We also have a 2nd annex property with a 3 phase economy 7 meter that just uses electricity.

We’ve just had a SolarPV & Tesla Powerwall installed and as part of that the main house is now on the same 3 phase meter as the annex, so our single phase smart meter is redundant.

I’m looking for a supplier that can take on the annex supply and swap the meter out for a 3 phase smart meter and then (either at the same time or slightly later) migrate the gas supply onto that same account and use the smart meter that it has (or replace the gas meter with a new one)

So the main question is can you supply a 3 phase smart meter and a compatible gas smart meter? Ideally with some sort of dual rate electricity tarrif as the powerwall can then charge up on cheap energy

Hi @Sammachin, thanks for getting in touch - that’s a pretty mighty set up that you’re planning.

We are only installing one-rate smart meters at the moment, so we wouldn’t be able to offer a 3-phase smart meter just yet. Our next priority is to bring smart two-rate and smart prepay meters to our members, so there isn’t much of a timeline for when 3-phase smart meters will become available.

They’re definitely on the horizon though, we would recommend keeping an eye on Community as we’ll be making the announcement here once they’re available. If you have an electric vehicle, it could be worth taking a look at our smart tariff for when the time comes - if you have any questions about that, or our smart meter roll-out, please let me know.

Best wishes,