3 Phase supply

Hi, I have been a member for a year and now looking to get an electric car. I would like a fast charger (22Kw) and therefore have been advised i will need 3 phase power to my house. Can Bulb supply this and what might it cost?


Your local DNO will need to provide a quote for this. It will most likely cost 4 figures.

For most people a single-phase 7kW charge point will prove sufficient. ~30 miles added per hour on charge…

Who is my network operator?

Hiya, i am expecting to have 2 vehicles to charge, do you think i can have 2 x 7 kW chargers running at once on single phase? I was keen to be able to top up quickly as well… at 30 miles per hour it will take a good 10 hours to charge fully…
Thanks so much for the info! Do you work for Bulb?

Yes we have two 7Kw chargers.

Subject to your main incoming fuse and any other heavy electrical loads such as electric showers.

You can also claim OLEV grant for the second charge point if another person in the household owns the 2nd EV.

Yes we have two 7Kw chargers.

It depends on the installer, and I think most of the “brand name” ones do not allow it. You can probably get two 7kW EVSE installed on single phase if you get a generic electrician to fit a basic Rolec. It’s unlikely PodPoint or ChargeMaster would do it - maybe 1x7kW and 1x3kW if there’s no other high power appliances.

As you say, it depends on the existing load, and it only takes an electric shower or hob/oven to take single phase maximum demand over the limit for 2x7kW even on a 100A fuse. On a 60A fuse you’ve no chance without complicating matters with load-shedding relays for the EVSE.

@liamg I presume you’re getting a Tesla or two of some sort to be interested in 3-phase charging. With 2xEVSE and a 3-phase-capable vehicle it’s certainly worth investigating the cost of a 3-phase installation rather than trying to cram everything onto one phase. Particularly so if you’ve also got a large house with electric hob/oven/showers. Getting two Tesla EVSE will also allow load sharing between them, so you don’t have to rely on one EVSE that is faster than the other, or swapping vehicles between one socket.

As phproxy said it’s not Bulb that will handle this for you, but the DNO for your area. Details at the link they provided.

Having said all this, consider if you really do need such fast charging, or whether slower will be more than adequate. Many EV owners find they don’t need to charge anywhere near as frequently or as fast as they expected they might. A 70kWh battery will be good for the order of 210-280 miles of range. Will you ever realistically need to arrive home at close to zero charge, having driven 200+ miles, and need to go and drive another 200+ miles within 3 hours? Charging for 10 hours might sound a lot but it’s easily done with an overnight charge. How often will you actually be arriving home with a close to empty battery?

Great info thanks! I am working for an EV company (not tesla but similar) and expect to have a decent discount to have 2 cars. I have a 140 mile commute each way, so I think i will always be home pretty empty, even with a bit of charging in the day. You are right to think about where i might need to go within 3 hours of returning home though!
Thanks again to you both for the info and will go with three phase if it is not well into four figures. Will post again if i can get the numbers.

For anyone interested i have approached SSE Network who are the hardware electrical supplier in my area and they have quoted £1750 to connect me up to 3 phase. Luckily the supply is in my road and runs on the grass verge and so they just have a hole to dig and a channel to make through 1 meter of path to my boundary. I have to do the 0.5m deep channel to my house and get my meter updated by Bulb (not sure on cost for this if any) and an electrician to sort the new meter connection to the fuse box. Would hope that i can keep this to under £2.5k. Not as bad as i first thought but still a big bill. Does anyone know of any grants to help with this work, or is the OLEV just for the charger installation?

Would hope that i can keep this to under £2.5k. Not as bad as i first thought but still a big bill.

That’s of the order I expected.

Does anyone know of any grants to help with this work, or is the OLEV just for the charger installation?

It’s just for the charger installation. The electrical supply and installation at the property is, as you might expect, your own problem :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you have or are interested in a smart meter, but bear in mind that currently there are no 3-phase smart meters.