3 rates = 3 prices? Don't understand my tariff

Hello there - new customer since end of December and first time poster here.
I had some questions and was wondering if anyone could help.

I moved away from e.on because I was paying what I thought was a fortune, living on my own, with only the basic appliances taking electricity and being mindful of heating (i.e averaged to 94GBP a month for the past 2 years - evened up across each month of the year which I thought was a lot for one person in a 1.5 bed flat) - I have electricity only and storage heaters.

I have received my first bill with Bulb which is cheaper than with e.on, hurray! I finally have a tariff that has an off-peak so trying to do my laundry or put the heating on during that time (which I understand is 02.30am to 7.30am)

On the storage heating power there are the storage heaters and the “immersion” boiler. There is one rate for this (rate 3 on my meter), which is 2p less than my day rate I think, and 8p more than my night rate (I think) On the main power switch, there are the day rate and night rate (rate 2 and 1), and that’s where the cooker, light bulbs, sockets etc are connected and well as the “immersion” heater again.

Now I noticed that my storage heatings were taking me a lot of energy so I stopped using them because it’s costing me a fortune. Turns out, the storing heating tariff is nearly the day rate so that makes sense. So no more heating so that I can avoid paying a fortune and I’m only using a small mini portable heating when I get up and I turn it off at 7.30am when it comes to day tariff. It’s really cold now in my flat (12 degrees max according to my thermometer, sometimes dropping to 9 degrees) I am freezing but the cost of the heating is uncontrollable.

Now the storage heating tariff still goes up anyway because of my heater/boiler. Because it’s on the same tariff as the storage heating, it costs me nearly the cost of the day rate (except it’s on the storage heating rate) - and so, I never get the chance to warm the boiler during off peak times, killing the whole purpose of not having heating. PLUS - I can’t find any timer on the boiler and it goes off at 10pm so even if I did have a night tariff, it still wouldn’t be the correct time.

SO - an electrician was here yesterday to do some work and he said he didn’t understand why I had 3 tariffs and why storage heaters/immersion boilers weren’t tied up to a night/off peak tariff? Currently it’s as follows:
Rate 1 (night) 8.51p between 2.30 and 7.30am
Rate 2 (day) 17.16p any other time
Rate 3 (storage heating circuit) 15.25p (the meter says “now” on that rate whenever I’ve gone to check)

The reality is, I’m scared of using the hot water now. I told the electrician and I think he’s turned off the supply from the storage heating circuit to avoid it kicking and making me pay but I haven’t checked now if I have hot water or not. e.on took me 300 pounds just before I left (everything I had in credit with them, funny enough) so now I’m traumatised of having huge bills, so I’m not heating my flat anymore, I’m WFH so totally freezing all day and I’m wondering if I am doing the right thing in cutting the storage heating supply to the boiler and trying to see if I can heat the boiler somehow at 6.30am or so.

Why does my storage heating has a day-like tariff? Why not a night tariff? Why do I have 3 different prices and not 2? I’m hoping that by cutting the hot water and the heating at least I could get to something around 50 pounds a month, for a one person flat with no heating and no automatic heating of the boiler surely this would be more logical?

I am so scared, and so cold :frowning:

Hi @jourdanmarion, firstly welcome to Bulb community :wave:t2:

I’ve sent you an email to help explain your billing a little more, and also to signpost you to some extra support. We really don’t want to see you going cold!

Lou :stars:

Hi @Lou_at_Bulb

First of all I want to sincerely thank you for looking into it. I’ve been in the same property for over 3 years now and despite asking people around (estate agent, landlord, e.on etc) no one ever told me or explained the situation to me! So great customer service, thank you so much!! :smiley:

I’ve read your email, it all makes sense. I’m a bit surprised that Bulb and e.on would have quoted such a low monthly estimate despite being under that current setup - it’s clear that with heating there is no way I could be at the consumption that’s initially thought/predicted - but it’s ok, not a big deal, it is what it is and it’s not in your hands nor mine unfortunately.

Thank you for the additional resources as well. I’m not eligible for any financial help and I could afford paying more per month but leaving the storage heating on at this rate would end up costing a fortune. Yes it’s cold in my flat (even got chill blains, lol!) but i’m not willing to blindly pour whatever is left of my salary in a bill :cry: right?

Anyway thank you so much for the investigation and for clarifying everything for me + going above and beyond to make sure I had all the info I needed. Much appreciated!


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